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Why Leave, Kevin?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Article by Steven Lester from

I recently saw where Christian singer/song writer Kevin Max (DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline) is leaving conservative Christianity and is, in his words, deconstructing. This post is not about him, but about deconstructionism of Christianity. I use him as a intro unashamedly because he has put himself in the public arena, I did not.

Several points without belaboring definitions. In short, deconstructionism as it pertains to the Christian faith, is that people leave the faith or renounce certain principles of the faith. There are many different reasons for this. I want to list some thoughts on this.

Deconstruction is not new

The scripture teaches and lists many examples of people who have renounced the faith. One can slap a new name on it but the concept is old. Departing from the faith, shipwreck, goats, tares are all names for this departure or deconstruction.

Deconstructionism is a problem of false conversion

Without going into great detail. Being converted, born again, spirit filled, having spiritual eyes opened, and the like, is the hallmark of a genuine Christian. The hallmark of a false convert is their lack of spiritual birth. Left alone, to ourselves, we are bent toward sin. Humans are bent toward unbelief and skepticism. The very issue of our hostility to God and unbelief is proof of our fallen state. God must save us and change our heart. I’ve written an article about this issue here. Facts set forth under the believer and unbeliever’s eyes will have two outcomes: the believer will see God, the unbeliever will not.

Deconstructionism gives way to nihilism or positive existentialism

If in rejecting an absolute authority (which the Bible claims to be an absolute authority) then one is placing their reason, judgment as the supreme authority. The problem here is that:

  1. No one knows everything from which to base solid assumptions about reality.

  2. Can one truly say there are standards? (I often hear my atheist friends refer to evil, beauty, good, right, wrong, moral issues, causes, etc., and I wonder how they can even speak in such terms because their worldview does not allow standards from which to define these terms. They have stolen from a Christian worldview in order to criticize a Christian worldview). Consider: From nothing a big bang produced, from nothing, plus chance and time, everything. Laws of nature that somehow became established out of nothing. This is intellectual digression from the Christian position that an intelligent creator designed everything and thus left His unmistakable fingerprint on everything in the form of standards, beauty, objectiveness, Laws, purpose, know-ability, logic, etc.

  3. Placing one’s own reason and judgment as supreme authority is the oldest lie found in scripture (Genesis 3). Humans become their own god and from this logic, we should not have laws, period. It is hypocritical to have any restraint, because what is right or wrong for you may not be right or wrong for me.

Deconstructionism is an attack on the Bible

The Bible is full of contradiction, the bible has all kinds of errors, the Bible this the Bible that. I have read and see these arguments for years. In fact, the church has always had to deal with these types of arguments. First of all, I have not the time to deal with each argument here in depth; however, from a high level perspective here on some sweeping thoughts and some additional resources.

  1. Alleged contradictions boil down to this: they are not contradictions just different perspectives. Here is a good article illustrating this.

  2. Archeological studies have further corroborated the Biblical account. Here is additional material for reading.

  3. Most websites and articles that spew out hate for the Bible have never taken the time to study and honestly seek out the supposed “errors and flaws” they are pointing out. Strawmen arguments abound.

  4. The Bible will always be a source of contention and hatred. This will not go away.

Deconstructionism is many times due to a moral stance

What I mean by this is that the scripture and classic Christianity has moral stances against abortion, homosexuality and many other moral issue. The changing tide in our culture places tremendous pressure on the Christian to deconstruct from these historical stances.

Other times a person deconstructs is because of a moral failure or temptation. In order to justify their lust and behavior, they will deconstruct their belief system.

Deconstructionism is due to “woke” values

What I mean specifically by this is the argument that the Bible condones, teaches, whatever…..slavery. Or genocide. Or a patriarchal system. My answer is this: The Bible’s main theme, God redeeming the world in Christ, is far above any social issue. The Bible is clear that social injustices are not the theme, the Gospel is. Social issues will correct themselves when the Gospel is believed and followed.

My next comment on this is God is God. Man is a cosmic traitor. Man does not deserve a single act of grace from God. Yet, humans live in a state of entitlement against the Almighty. We talk about fairness, atrocities, where is God, how can He allow this? God allowing slavery, Israel killing babies, and the like. God can do whatever He wants. If He sees fit to work out eternal purposes by selling Joseph into slavery then so be it. He has the right to do so. He is justified and fair to do so. If He sees fit to allow the killing of sons and daughters in His purposes, He is justified in doing so. But know this, God also spared not His own Son and loved His people so much that Jesus died for rebellious sin.

My short answer is that “woke” issues are so far beneath the magnitude of the Gospel and the Glory of God that they will be swallowed up by God’s grace at the end.

Steven Lester is a husband, father, registered nurse and the pastor of Crossroads Church in Lebanon, VA.

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