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Consistent Jesus in Constant Chaos

To no one's surprise this world is full of sin. Since the fall of man in the Garden and until the Lord returns we live on an earth dominated by sin's power and influence in the hearts and minds of people. Our nation is no exception to this rule. This afternoon, January 20th of 2021, we will witness yet again the transfer of power from one Executive branch of the United States government to another. This process has taken place for 45 different men who have had the honor and heavy weight of being called the "President of the United States of America."

These men have come from all walks of life and unique backgrounds. Some individuals and their families who have called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "home" have been old and some much younger. Others have been scholars and lawyers while some have been military heroes and successful businessmen. We've seen the ultra-elite and at times the self-made man from humble beginnings occupy the Oval Office. Our nation has been led by bachelors, widowers, husbands, fathers, and at times those with no one to carry on their family name. We've seen short, tall, skinny, obese, and all sorts of other shapes and sizes. We've called functioning alcoholics, enthusiasts of hunting and fishing, heavy gluttons, adulterers, garden-growers, athletes, actors, those who were wheelchair-bound, and bookworms "Mr. President."

The striking reality in all of this is the two unchanging facts in our country's history: constant chaos and a consistent Jesus. On the surface this may seem like an oxymoron, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible records in Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever." There is no wavering, flip-flopping, or plan B's with our Lord. He is the steady rock on which we stand and an unshakable fortress in which we take shelter. His truth is unmovable and His Kingdom is and forever will be established in all of eternity. He does not second-guess Himself, nor will He. No decisions or judgments have been made in haste and His will is perfect, sovereign, and holy. He not only declares righteousness, He is righteousness.

On the flip side of this coin we see the constant chaos of this world and our nation as well. During the God-ordained reign of these Presidents I mentioned earlier we have seen unthinkable calamity and life-altering, sinful decisions made. We have fought wars, endured economic depressions, and battled drought. We've slaughtered children at rates which boggle the mind and gunned down one another in our own neighborhoods and streets. We have been attacked from outside nations and even taken up arms against ourselves. Families have been torn apart, redefined by secular humanists, and practically burned at the stake by "woke" media. We've watched as women and young girls have been lured into a "feminist" movement which was led by selfish individuals who "rewarded" them with the billion dollar industries of pornography and abortion. Our nation has watched as our secular institutions have slowly brainwashed and reprogrammed the minds of our children and young adults through "higher" learning. Our young boys and men have been duped into believing the unbiblical doctrines of homosexuality, transgenderism, and CRT (Critical Race Theory). As social media plays on our carnal natures and continues to deceive us day-by-day one must look at our history and current landscape and realize that we have and continue to live in constant chaos.

The world will be watching today as our nation once again inaugurates a new public servant to the office of President of the United States. Millions, if not billions, of people will see a transfer of power and yet, we feel the same sense of chaos that we've always known. Some might even argue that if future plans by the incoming administration are carried out that we could see historic days of ungodliness and sin. However, the true Christian knows better. The genuine followers of Christ realize that even with overwhelming, constant chaos there is the overriding consistency of Jesus! There is no hand wringing in heaven and anxiety is a foreign concept to our Lord. As America slips even further into divide and deeper chaos we hold fast to the never-changing truth that Jesus is still seated on the only throne which matters and He does not abdicate His position to anyone for any reason.

I want to encourage you, believer, as you watch or hear about our inauguration process today and the weeks to come that there is no inauguration protocol in Heaven. Elections and approval ratings are unnecessary and irrelevant because the throne of Christ is forever established throughout all of eternity. There has never and will never be a day where Jesus isn't King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Regardless of who does or does not reside in the White House we put our faith in an unshakable, always consistent Savior. Rest in this promise and have your soul put at ease as we recite together, once again, the words of Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever."

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