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A Change of Address

A few years ago I received a phone call from my college alma mater. They were conducting research to check in on all graduates and possibly collect donations if we were so inclined. Early on in the conversation I was asked about updating my basic contact information. The gentleman on the phone asked if I still lived at a specific residence, which I lived at during my college years. I corrected him and made sure he knew I no longer lived there, but had since relocated. My exact words to the man were, "No sir, I don't live there anymore. I have changed addresses." I went on to explain where I had moved to and updated my address, phone number, and occupation.

I say all of that to say this, we have also changed addresses if we've been saved by the grace of God. You see, once we've been born again we no longer live where we used to live. This change of address is not an actual street address or new apartment complex. The change is much greater than that. We have moved from death to life! We have left our old sin-sick, carnal prison and moved directly into mercy, hope, and faith. We no longer make our residence in the filthy curse of our past, but we now call the open arms of Jesus our home. We rest in the truth of the Word of God and lay our heads down at night on the undeserved love of our Savior while being wrapped up in the warm comfort of the Holy Spirit.

The best part of this new address for God's people is that our home is already paid for. We owe nothing for our residency and never will. No loan was needed and no banking institution was necessary. As a matter of fact, there's not enough money in the entire world to pay for this new address. This is the most coveted piece of real estate in all the universe and for God's people it's free of charge. However, someone did pick up the bill and His name is Jesus. Our Lord laid down His perfect life and shed His perfect blood so that terribly imperfect people like you and I could be reconciled back to God. In this reconciliation we also get our sin debt cancelled. What a perfect gift and only Christ is able to offer this to us through His atoning death and resurrection. People have searched the world over and worked tirelessly to earn such a gift, but God's word reminds us it is not through wealth or effort. The new residency for God's people is only found in the finished work of Jesus Christ on a brutal cross and empty tomb.

As if that wasn't enough, God has made an even bigger promise concerning another change of address for all those who've trusted Christ as Savior. I'm actually looking forward to this new residency even more! Scripture tells us that the Lord is preparing a new home for us and this dwelling is something no one can even begin to comprehend its beauty. The Bible tells us there will be streets of pure gold, gates of pearl, walls of precious stones, and crystal rivers. There will be saints of old, angels singing praises, and incomparable joy. This new residency will have no darkness, no tears, and no more pain. We'll never be discouraged, never suffer, and never worry again in this new home. They'll be no curse of sin, no bondage to our past, or fear over our future. Everything and everyone will be as they were intended. Jesus will be forever exalted and God will be rightly glorified. The name of this place is called "heaven" and I think that's the perfect name for such a perfect place. After all, it only took God six days to create this beautiful world, so just imagine what He can do with thousands of years as the Master lovingly designs our new and eternal address. I can't wait for moving day!

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