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A Call to Action

Dear Independent Baptist Preachers of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, 

I’m writing this open-letter to you concerning an extremely urgent matter of life and  death. The life and death that I’m referring to is that of our pre-born neighbors who are  being led to slaughter almost every day at 2603 Osborne Street in Bristol, Virginia.  Perhaps you were unaware of the existence of an abortion clinic at this very location. If  that be the case please receive this letter as bearing crucial information that will help  you with your prayer-life and in the day-to-day decisions of your ministry.  

This abortion clinic in Bristol, Virginia, will sometimes murder over 20 babies in a single  day. Well over 2000 babies were murdered there just last year. At least 7 babies were  murdered there this very day (June 12, 2024). This is a dreadful reality that exists right  here in our own backyard. 

I’ve been around Independent Baptist preachers for the last 23 years. I know that  generally speaking you stand against abortion. I’m very thankful for that stand. It’s not  uncommon for you to post a general reference to the abortion holocaust on social  media. It’s not uncommon for you to make a general statement about the evils of  abortion from the pulpit. On some occasions you might even preach an entire sermon  about the evils of abortion. Some of you may even give to crisis pregnancy centers. I’m  thankful for all of these actions.  

However, there is a further action I’d prayerfully and humbly ask you to consider. Be a  presence for Christ at the clinic itself. Come and join a small group of Christian believers  who form the last line of defense for our pre-born neighbors. The fact of the matter is there is a need for Christians to have a physical presence at this dreadful place of death. You would think that with hundreds and hundreds of churches within an hour radius of  Osborne Street that the sidewalks would be loaded down each day with Christian  believers concerned about the murder of fellow image bearers. In reality, most days there are less than 5 people present.  

I try to go to this horrible place once a week for a couple of hours to join the faithful few  who minister there, and other than maybe a rare few that have come out since 2019  there are NO Independent Baptist Preachers ministering at this horrible place on a  regular basis. It is past time to change this. We need the presence of Bible-believing  Christians. Not people who will come out and argue about Bible translations while the 

innocent are being put to death, but people who will stand up for God and offer hope and help in Christ. This is why a physical presence is important. There are people there  who need Christ. Would you be used of God for such a time as this? Would you repent  of your lack of concern and take action? General references to abortion on social media  and from the pulpit are not enough. I’ve heard them for 23 years. There must be more.  

Please allow me to share another reason why it is important that there be a physical  presence of Christians outside of this “clinic." Very simply, your presence outside of  this facility as Bible believing Christians (and not merely Independent Baptist preachers)  gives you a direct opportunity to obey the scripture in Proverbs 31:8 which says, “Open  thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.” This is a clear command in the Bible to open our mouths and boldly be a voice for  those who have no voice.  

I’m writing this letter not to condemn you but to persuade you, inform you, and  hopefully to convince you of this tremendous need, and to plead with you to take  further action that goes beyond general posts on social and general references from behind the pulpit. Please receive these words with the love and concern by which they  come. If you have questions and would like to get involved feel free to contact me. 

Love in Christ, 

Pastor Vern Hall 

Vern Hall is the pastor of The Free Gift Gospel Mission in Kingsport, TN. If you would like to contact him for more information concerning this gospel opportunity you can reach him at (423)-737-2170 or by email at

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Well spoken Pastor, let's get to work brethren, we've been silent for far too long and our God is NOT OK with it! We can be a voice at the clinic, at the legislature, in our circles, in the pulpits, EVERYWHERE as we make disciples! (Lev20)

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