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A Grateful Heart

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Constant complaining is the fruit of an ungrateful heart. We have been so blessed that we've almost become too familiar with it. We live in a nation with countless liberties where most of us enjoy good jobs with great pay, warm homes, closets full of shoes and clothes, pantries stocked with food, clean drinking water, comfortable beds to sleep in, and the limitless other blessings we regularly overlook. While most of the world never experiences any of these luxuries we spend the majority of our hours complaining about a God who gave us the very breath to even speak those words.

When life becomes more about the gifts than the Giver we've lost perspective and our gratitude. If the Lord never did another thing for any of us He'd still be worthy of our worship throughout eternity for the unspeakable love and grace we've been showered with. (Psalm 103-1-22)

Article by Jeremiah Riner

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